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Information of Restaurant Tsuki no Hotori

Enjoy our signature dishes in a newly renovated restaurant with a relaxed Japanese modern atmosphere. We offer a carefully selected menu including the chef's recommended "Kaisen-jyu" (seafood stew)! A la carte dishes and seasonal course menus are also available. We look forward to welcoming everyone, from overnight guests to customers who only want to dine with us.

Currently open for dinner only *Closed for lunch
Monday-Sunday (except holidays) 17:30-20:30 (LO20:00)

Example of menu(Dinner)※Menu changes with the seasons.

Special Roast Beef Bowl


Roast pork cutlet set meal


Fried Chicken Set Meal


kid's lunch

(Hamburgers, Fried shrimp, Shumai, Pilaf, Orange juice)


※Consumption tax is not included.

Guide of meal

We serve the great dishes that we use special seasonal fresh foods which we obtain every morning. Please enjoy the Kaiseki dishes our chef made with love

Dinner time (subscription basis) 17:30 to 20:00 (last admission - 19:30)

Kaiseki course 4,950yen per a head

Custom options

Normal rate for 2 meals per night includes "Japanese Kaiseki".

Mini broiled eel served over rice in a lacquered box 1,320yen

*Consumption tax is not included.

Special dishes (subscription basis) Our hotel’s signature dish

Sashimi funamori one of the special ways to dish up food 1,6500yen (For 5 to 6 persons) Beef sukiyaki 1plate 3,080yen(From 2 or more)
Japanese beef sukiyaki 1plate The current price (From 2 or more) Anglerfish hot pot 1plate The current price(From November to January, minimum 2 servings) Excluding New Year's period

*Consumption tax is not included.


Beer (medium-sized bottle) 770yen local sake 960yen~ Various shochu (bottled) 3,500yen~
Non Alcoholic beer 600yen Wine (full bottle) 2,500yen Sour 680yen
Soft drinks 500yen
  • *Consumption tax is not included.
  • *We provide others more than those drinks. Please ask us.
  • *You should pay 1,100 yen per a bottle or a can in case you bring drinks in the restaurant.
  • *Free drinks (120 min/1,980 yen or 120 min/2,530 yen) are available for groups.

Breakfast (subscription basis) Time - 7:30 to 9:00

Japanese cuisine 1,650yen (without consumption tax)

Enjoy your break fast with viewing the nature.

Banquet party , Memorial service dish (subscription basis)

We provide many styles of dishes for Banquet, parties, memorial service, lunch boxes for training camps, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like to know other dishes. Contact us.

Banquet party dishes
(Japanese cuisine)
From 4,950yen Memorial service dishes
(Japanese cuisine)
From 5,500yen
Party dishes From 4,950yen Lunch boxes for training camps From 1,650yen
  • *Consumption tax is not included.
  • *Banquet party is for two hours.
  • *In case you extend the time - add 5,000 yen to each room per 30 minutes
  • *Reservation without lodging can be made up to 3 month (from 8:00 on the first day of the month) (includes weekends and holidays).

Memorial service plan

Yuri (lily) course example

Kiku (chrysanthemum) course[9 dishes]5,500yen

Sakizuke, Appetizer, Sashimi, Pork sukiyaki, A stewed dish, Fries, Soba, A jelly dessert

Yuri (lily) course[9 dishes]8,800yen

Sakizuke, Appetizer, Sashimi, A broiled dish, Japanese beef sukiyaki, A stewed dish, Fries, Sushi and clear soup, A jelly dessert

Renge (lotus flower) course[10 dishes]11,000yen

Sakizuke, Appetizer, Sashimi, A broiled dish, Hitachi beef sukiyaki, A steamed dish, A stewed dish, Fries, Sushi and clear soup, A jelly dessert

Kochoran (phalaenopsis) course[10 dishes]16,500yen

Sakizuke, Appetizer, Sashimi, A broiled dish, Hitachi beef sukiyaki or Hitachi roast beef, A stewed dish, Fries, A vinegared dish (king crab), Sushi and clear soup, A jelly dessert

  • *Consumption tax is not included in the price.
  • *The dishes are changed every season.
  • *We receive the orders of invitations and presents.

Private room We provide the private room for customers (10 persons or more) who order memorial service plan.

Japanese style room
Table style room

Pick-up service We can also provide transportation by microbus for guests using the memorial service plan with a minimum of 10 people. Please feel free to contact us.